Commercial Director – New RSE Licensee Applicant

“Clear and concise, reflects great work through last quarter of 2017 – an admirable and appreciated job – thanks!”

Trustee Director

“Whilst Wendy and Steve are well regarded for the leading position within the industry that they upheld in managing the Office of the Trustee within CBA,  we have been impressed with what they have implemented within our own organisation in terms of board governance, risk management and process improvements.”

Investment Manager

“This team is genuinely passionate and knowledgeable about their areas of expertise.”


“They are consummate professionals, co-operative, courteous and committed to delivering quality outcomes.”

Outsourced Service Provider to Trustee

“Wendy and Steve demonstrated a strong understanding of our business and provided sound recommendations that effectively streamlined multiple business processes which have created immediate operational efficiencies…”

A Leading Wealth Management Group

“Steve has an exceptional knowledge of the industry and had an important role in lobbying Treasury on recent reforms impacting Wealth Management.”

Trustee Director

“Having conducted a review of our board year plan, provided effective recommendations that included a reduction in the number of board meetings and also an improvement in the quality of reporting ….enabling us to make the necessary decisions in a more effective and informed manner.”

Chairman of European Investment Bank

“Wendy conducted a robust review of our operations and provided recommendations as to the appropriate structure and suitable incumbents for the various positions which we have gone on to implement. Her experience was apparent throughout and her common sense approach was refreshing.”